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Regular adjectives (Pravidelná přídavná jména)

 Adjective  Comparative  Superlative
 warm  warmer  the warmest
 quick  quicker  the quickest
 near  nearer  the nearest

Short vowel and one consonant (Jednoslabičné příd. jméno s krátkou samohláskou)

 Adjective  Comparative  Superlative
 wet  wetter  the wettest
 big  bigger  the biggest
 thin  thinner  the thinnest

- e ending (Př. jména s koncovkou -e)

 Adjective Comparative Superlative
 nice  nicer  the nicest
 wide  wider  the widest
 large  larger  the largest

y- ending (Př. jména s koncovkou -y)

 Adjective Comparative Superlative
 happy  happiest  the happiest
 hilly  hillier  the hilliest
 sunny  sunnier  the sunniest

Two and more syllables (Př. jména se 2 a více slabikami)

 Adjective Comparative Superlative
 beautiful  more beautiful  the most beautiful
 amazing  more amazing  the most amazing
 difficult  more difficult  the most difficult


Dvou a víceslabičná přídavná jména končící na - y jsou výjimkou.

Jejich stupňování je nad touto tabulkou!!!

Practising with videos:   Comaparatives

Are you happy?    Jack is taller than Peter.     Ann is younger than me.

They're both older than Jill.      Is table tennis a slow game?

Is football easier than hockey?    Basketball is more exciting than football.

A wet play day.    An elephant is bigger than me.   I'm taller than you.

Test B 

It's quicker by car.     The train is more difficult than the bus.

Which are better? Planes or trains?     I like walking to school.

Sailing's more exciting than walking.    My car is better than your dad's car.

Do you like driving

Practising with videos:   Superlatives

It's quiet in here.    Lucy is the oldest in the class.   

Football is the most exciting sport in the worldHe's the fastest runner in the world.

It's the biggest tiger in the world.      


Write good form

Write comparative

Fill in to the gap

True X False exercise


Put the words in right order

Write the correct form

Fill in the story

Comparative test

Comparative game

Irregular adjectives   (Nepravidelná přídavná jména)

 Adjective Comparative Superlative
 good / well  better  the best
 evil / bad / ill  worse  the worst
 little  less   the least
 much / many  more  the most
 old  older / elder  the oldest / eldest
 far  farther / further  the farthest / furthest
 late  later / latter  the latest / last

 Nepravidelná přídavná jména si musíme zapamatovat. Toto je pouze základní seznam, kompletní seznamy jsou k nahlédnutí volně na internetu.

Practising with videos:  Irregular adjectives

Are you good at riding a bike?   I'm better at running than swimming.

Lucy's the best in the class at…  My favourite activities     I like toast.

An email to a friend.      Test C

Irregular adjectives