To be going to                                         En games

-  používáme, když hovoříme

1/ o svých plánech do budoucnosti, o tom,

co hodláme (chystáme se, máme v úmyslu) udělat

I am going to watch TV.   Chystám se (budu se) dívat na televizi.

You are going to watch TV.  

He is going to watch TV.

2/ o předpovědích

  • Look out! That cup is going to fall off.
  • Look at those black clouds. It's going to rain soon.
  • You look very tired. You're going to need to stop soon.

když chceme vytvořit zápor nebo otázku s vazbou going to, vždy pracujeme jen s tvarem slovesa být (am / is / are) a podmětem (kdo? co?)


zápor:Be going to affirmative infographic

I am not going to watch TV.

You aren´t going to watch TV.

He isn´t going to watch TV.

otázka a krátká odpověď:

Am I going to watch TV? 

Yes, I am. No, I´m not.

Are you going to watch TV? 

Yes, you are. No, you aren´t.

 Is he going to watch TV?

Yes, he is. No, he isn´t.

video :

We are going to take a trip around the worldBe going to negative infographic

Weather forecast - going to + weather (comp, superl)

exercises :

Put the words in the correct order


What are they going to do? - choose right sentence

Lehké procvičení going to I

Lehké procvičení going to II

Lehké procvičení going to III

Reorder words

What are they goin to do ?

Going to - fill in 1.

Going to - questions