Had to X Didn´t have to

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Modals in the past tense

Tento slovesný tvar vyjadřuje, že něco bylo v minulosti nutné.

Hovoříme-li o tom, co někdo musel udělat, protože to bylo nutné, používáme had to

Jane had to wait an hour for a bus. Jana musela čekat na autobus hodinu.

(žádný autobus nejel)
Jane didn ́t have to wait an hour for a bus.Jana nemusela čekat na autobus hodinu.

Did Jane have to wait an hour for a bus? Musela Jana čekat na autobus hodinu?

  Past            Positive             Negative
had to /
didn't have to

     obligation in the past
      nutnost v minulosti

  • I had to wear a school uniform when I was a child.
     no obligation in the past

  • We didn't have to go to school on Saturdays.