Health and safety

At the doctor´s, problems and treatment

02.02.2017 12:18
E-LEARNING.    ROLE-PLAY: At the doctor´s.

Healthy eating

25.01.2016 11:29
Healthy eating - lesson with worksheet and lesson plan Eating a balanced diet - reading   Talk about what you have eaten today. What is the most unhealthy food you can think of? What do people need to eat more of? Do you usually eat healthy...

You and your body

05.01.2014 17:38
Vocabulary arm,   body 1,   body 2,  head and face, head,  leg,  eye, Visual Dictionary   video s výslovností - klikni na obrázek Practising : Face: Choose the correct option Choose the correct word Body: Choose name to red part Choose name to red part...