Revision 7th year

Past continuous - revision

30.09.2013 15:11
Past Continuous Tense

Jealous Guy

24.09.2013 22:36
I was dreaming of a past And my heart was beating fast I began to lose controlI I began to lose control I didn't mean to hurt I'm sorry that i made you cry I didn't mean to hurt you I'm just a jealous guy I was feeling inscure You might not love me anymore I was shivering inside I was shivering...

Kate Perry - ROAR

12.09.2013 21:59
I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath           Překlad + klip scared to rock the boat and make a mess so I sat quietly, agree politely I guess that I forgot I had a choice I let you push me passed the breaking point I stood for nothing, so I...

Many, much, a lot of - revision

12.09.2013 21:31
a lot of univerzální kladné věty There is a lot of sugar. There are a lot of people here. much před nepoč záporné + tázací věty We don´t need much sugar. We can´t have many...