Unit 39. too/either so am I/neither do I etc.Unit 39. too/either so am I/neither do I etc.

So do I  x Neither do I - agreeing       Agreeing

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Person A Person B
I am happy. So am I. = I am happy too.
I'm going to Brazil in the summer. So am I. = I am going to Brazil too.
You look nice today. So do you. = you look nice too.
Stephanie has a new boyfriend. So does Mary. = Mary has a new one too.
We went to the concert last night. So did I. = I went to the concert too.
I would love a coffee right now. So would I. = I would love a coffee too.
He will win a prize. So will I. = I will win one too.
They have finished their homework. So have I. = I have finished too.
I can speak two languages. So can I. = I can speak two too.
He should study more. So should I. = I should study more too.
We could see the mountains. So could we. = We could see them too.
My brother had eaten too much. So had I. = I had eaten too much too.
Person A Person B
I am not hungry. Neither am I. = I'm not hungry either
I'm not going to quit. Neither am I. = I'm not going to quit either
They don't speak French. Neither do I. = I don't speak French either.
Stephanie doesn't eat meat. Neither does Mary. = Mary doesn't eat meat either.
Mary didn't go to the party. Neither did I. = I didn't go either.
I wouldn't like to do his job. Neither would I. = I wouldn't like to do it either.
He won't stop talking. Neither will you. = You won't stop either.
You haven't finished your meal. Neither have you. = You haven't finished either.
Mike can't reach the top shelf. Neither can I. = I can't reach it either.
You shouldn't talk in the movie. Neither should you. = You shouldn't talk either.
We couldn't hear him. Neither could we. = We couldn't hear him either.
I hadn't seen her before. Neither had I. = I hadn't seen her before either.