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Making appointments

Before you can meet people, you will usually need to set a date and time. While making appointments, you should opt for a time convenient for both of you. Here are a few phrases that you can use while asking people to meet.

Are you free tomorrow?

Can we meet on the 26th?

Are you available tomorrow?

Are you available next Monday?

Are you free this evening?

What about the 15th of this month? Would it suit you?

Is next Monday convenient for you?

Can we meet sometime next week?


Agreeing on a date

Yes, I’m free tomorrow.

Yes, we can meet on the 26th. Výsledek obrázku pro making arrangements phrases

Yes, next Monday is fine.

No problem, we can meet tomorrow.

Suggesting a different date

Here are a few phrases that you can use to suggest a different date for the meeting.

I’m afraid I can’t make it on the 16th. Can we meet on the 17th or 18th?

Monday isn’t quite convenient for me. Could we meet on Tuesday instead?

15th is going to be a little difficult. Can’t we meet on the 16th?

Changing the arrangement

Here is how to make changes to an arrangement you have already made.

You know we had agreed to meet on the 15th? Well, I’m really sorry. I can’t make it after all. Some urgent business has come up. Can we fix another date?

Some urgent business has suddenly cropped up and I won’t be able to meet you tomorrow. Can we fix another time?