Healthy eating

25.01.2016 11:29

Eating a balanced diet - reading


Talk about what you have eaten today.English Podcast

What is the most unhealthy food you can think of?

What do people need to eat more of?

Do you usually eat healthy food?

What are some different types of diets you have heard of?

Do you think your parents ate healthier food at your age than you do? How about your grandparents?

Do you eat a lot of small portions or a few large portions of food each day?

Do you think people from your country usually eat healthy food?

What are some things about your eating habits you want to change?

Do you think that organic food is much better than normal food or are they about the same?

Why is organic food so much more expensive?

What is traditional food in your country like? Is it healthy?

Do you think that a person’s eating habits affect how long they will live?