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Interactive exercises:

Do you write emails?     What do you do after school ?    Reading emails      The world around us.

Where do bears live ?   What do pandas eat ?      Lions eat meat    Robot at the Zoo.

She brings them food when they're hungry.    The panda eats a lot of leaves.

What do you want to do    I want to buy my mum a present.

What do you need for school?     What do we need to buy?


Tvoření:                                                                                         PL k vytištění

Do I work?  Pracuji?                              Do we work? Pracujeme?

Do you work? Pracuješ?                       Do you work? Pracujete?

Does he work? Pracuje (on)?               Do they work? Pracují?

Does she work? Pracuje (ona)?

Does it work? Pracuje (ono, to)?


short answers (krátké odpovědi)

Yes, I do. No, I don’t.                                 Yes, we do.  No, we don’t.
Yes, you do. No, you don’t.                        Yes, you do. No, you don’t.
Yes, he does. No, he doesn’t.                      Yes, they do. No, they don’t.
Yes, she does. No, she doesn’t.
Yes, it does. No, it doesn’t.


WH Questions     PL k vytištění

where    kde do I play ?
what      co do you play ?
why       proč does he play ?
who       kdo does she play ?
when     kdy do we play ?
how       jak do they play ?

Question word









on your computer?

I play games on my computer.


your mother


to work?

She goes to work at 6 o'clock.




your friends?

I meet them at the bus stop.

Procvičení :

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